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All major sports events plus sports include the business side of the business with scheduled analysis, statistics, numbers and data / statistics. This is a new site but the team behind the watch-sportsgame has 7 years of experience in sports blogging. Currently there are some writers working on our site who cover different sports stories but in the future we are planning to start a “Writers Contribution Program” where we will recruit new writers voluntarily or on the basis of experience.

CURRENT AUTHORS AT watch-sportsgame.com

We have 5 dedicated writers who contribute to different departments, and an editor / mode that is responsible for quality testing and placement of editors on the site. The watch-sports game is expanding every day, and we’re looking for new ideas to engage traffic in more appropriate ways.

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Official Forums and Message Boards – The next step is to create and manage a forum for the site where users can register and participate in various sporting events. It will be on site shortly.